The Spirit of God was Moving

The Spirit of God was Moving…


Christmas has become a defining day for many. Much of the observances have no reference to the person and purpose of Christ. Easter, has some religious overtones. And there is an attempt to make sacred, some of the observations. Who remembers Pentecost? Who even celebrates it? And some would even ask, “Why celebrate it”? If there are reasons to celebrate Christmas and Easter, we have just as many and even more reasons to celebrate Pentecost.

Jesus stated the role of the Holy Spirit would be to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. Where the Holy Spirit is present, there will be sensitivity to sin, righteousness and judgment both in our communities and in our individual lives. Just a note here: Justice is not a social issue it is a moral issue.

This Sunday, May 15 is Pentecost Sunday. We are celebrating healing and holiness in a special service at 6: p.m.  I am convinced that Jesus does not want His church to be without His Spirit. I have been thinking of the way the Lord describes the church that was in Laodicea, (Revelation 3:14-22). The church did not see any need of Jesus, because He was asking permission to come in to their church. They also were saying that they had need of nothing, (3:17). Can you imagine a church without Christ? Can you imagine a church without the Holy Spirit? Can you imagine a Christian without the Holy Spirit?

Jesus stated that apart from Him we can do nothing, John 15:5.  Paul states that if a person does not have the Spirit of God such a person does not belong to Christ, (Romans 8:9). The metaphors used to refer to the Holy Spirit makes us know that without Him there is no life: He is the Living Water; The Breath of God; He is Fire; He is the Spirit of life. I desire the Presence of the Spirit; I desire the power of the Spirit; I am determined to live in the Spirit and to walk in the Spirit. I know it is possible to have manifestation without operation. Yes, it is possible, (1 Kings 19:9-12).

I extend an invitation to everyone who truly believes in the Person and work of the Holy Spirit to celebrate the historicity of the Spirit. But more than that, experience His purifying work in your heart and live under the influence… LUI, (Credit Dr. Sam Vassell).


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