Photo Gallery

choir singingCongregation Standingpeople posing for picturesWelcoming new memberschoir singingBeverly Sukie-MartinWelcoming new membersSound booth techpraise dancersSister Ruth on the podium reading from a sheet of paperchoir singingpraise dancersTeens doing praise and worship on the stagePraise and worship team singingCongregation StandingWelcoming new membersCongregation StandingPastor handing a gift to a manTwo UshersWelcoming new membersCongregation Standingchoir singing on stageCongregation StandingPastor Benjamin at the podium speakingCongregation StandingCongregation StandingCongregation StandingCongregation StandingPastors Benjamin & Samuelchoir singingCongregation Standingyoung children singing on stageChoir singing on stageTeens doing praise and worship on the stageCongregation StandingCarolyn Thompson singingPastor handing a gift to a ladyCongregation StandingPastor and people from the congregationWelcoming new membersTeens receiving awardsbabies in the congregationWelcoming new memberschoir singingCongregation StandingOraise and worship team singingCongregation StandingMegan Anderson being hugged by Mrs Grace BenjaminTeens doing praise and worship on the stagepraise dancerschoir singingchoir singingWelcoming new membersPastor handing a gift to a ladytwo men posing for a pictureCongregation StandingRipton Morris singingSound booth techTeens doing praise and worship on the stageMrs Beverly Sukie-Martin being hugged by Mrs Grace Benjamin and a gentleman looking on and smilingCongregation StandingCongregation Standingchoir singingCongregation Standing

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