Man-Up and Receive God’s Love


In keeping with our theme for the year, Working Out; Winning Others, we are focusing on winning men during the month of November. This is in no way even suggesting that men are superior to women. Actually, December of this year we will be focusing on winning women. January will be devoted to winning children and youth.

As we begin this special emphasis, it is my wish that every man will receive the love that God has for him. I know this might not even be an easy concept due to the fact that God is described as a male and many of us men are not comfortable with the idea of being loved by another male. But if you can forget the emotional element of love for a while and look at the caring aspect, it might make a difference. What I am trying to say to you my brother is that God cares for you. You matter to God. He desires the best for you, and has made provisions for you to actually have that quality of life that will bring you the greatest joy.


God has actually demonstrated His love for us by offering His Only Son, Christ Jesus to be the sacrifice who has made it possible for us to have peace with God and the peace of God. By receiving the gift of His Son, we also became the recipients of eternal life. No doubt you have been a hard worker and that is very commendable. Perhaps you have been looking at all the things you have acquired and you have a great sense of satisfaction because you have worked hard to obtain them. I applaud you for that. You have set a great example for others by being diligent and disciplined to provide for yourself and others. God is now calling you to rest for naturally, after all this hard work, He knows that you are tired. He invites you to come to Him and receive His rest. It is a rest that will restore every area of your life. You may not realize it, but just as constant use wears out machines, we humans, get worn out too. And we are not able to renew ourselves. God wants to renew you. Truth is, you are longing for this renewal with your entire being.

I have experienced His healing. He has mended my brokenness. He has been assuring me that despite my failures, He is always faithful. He loved me in my state of brokenness. He did not abandon me to the desires of those who wished and planned for my ruin. I am resting in His unconditional love. I invite you to trust Him to do the same for you. Whatever may have been the contributing factors to your hurts and pain, Jesus, your Savior is waiting to lavish his healing love on you. You will never be the same. I urge you to enter into a covenantal relationship with the real Lover of your soul. There is no greater love. Will you receive the Father’s love today?


I would like to hear of your decision. Please call me or email me. You are my brother; I want to journey with you. I want to share your joy. If I can be of any help to you as you commence this relationship with God, please let me know. God is love.

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