It’s 365 Days Not 1 Day

It’s 365 Days Not 1 Day

The second Sunday in May is observed as mothers’ day. What a wonderful time of the year to show appreciation to millions upon millions of women who have travelled the risky path of giving birth to another human! While this is an admirable thing to do, I am sure that mothers will admit that mothering is a 365 days occupation. There is a big difference between mothering a child and being like a mother to someone. If you have brought another human into the world, please know that you have experienced the miraculous. The miraculous rises above the level of the scientific. The miraculous belong to the realm of the supernatural. And the realm of the supernatural belongs to the eternal and living God. He formed and fashioned with His own hands another human in your body. This should cause all those who have given birth to a child to praise God and bless His name.

So this Mother’s Day, break our in worship like Mary, the mother of Jesus. Rejoice in the goodness and mercies of God that He has blessed you with the blessing of motherhood.

We will miss the regular Mother’s Day celebrations at church due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we hope to be able to do some post celebrations of Mother’s Day, the many birthdays, graduations and other significant events and occasions when we consider it safe to do so.

You are invited to join us either on line at for our live stream at 9: a.m or if you prefer, Drive-In Church, please come to 3705 N Apopka Vineland Road @ 9: a.m. where you can be a part of the service from the comfort of your vehicle. An audio broadcast of the service can also be record can be heard at the same time by calling 515-604-9300; PIN 574522#.

Please stay safe and healthy. Rejoice in the faithfulness of God.

With a grateful heart,

Pastor Benjie

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