He Is Still The Friend Of Sinners

He Is Still The Friend Of Sinners

This Sunday, October 25, will be Friends Sunday at our church.  On hindsight, every Sunday should be friends’ Sunday at every church. The best expression of friendship one could ever show is concern for another person’s eternal destiny. While we thank you for being present at the regular services and we thank you for your gifts, your salvation is our primary concern. We want each person who enters through the doors of the building to experience personal friendship with Jesus Christ.

  During the time of His earthly life, the critics of Jesus labeled Him “friend of sinners”. That label was far more derogatory than what many persons were called who were friends of a black person. The “name callers” intended to hurt Jesus reputation and ministry by calling Him friend of sinners. They never thought that a sinner needed a friend. I am so glad Jesus is a Friend of sinners. And since the church is His, we must be friends of sinners because we are only sinners saved by God’s grace.

This is one of the most fitting titles one could give to Jesus. He has done what no other friend could do and would do. Jesus is that Friend that each of us need. He has come to us; He became like us; He died for us; He is still praying for us; He has promised to come back for us; He even promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

There is no greater joy on earth than knowing that Jesus is a Friend of sinners. I can only introduce Him to you. You will have to experience friendship with Him for yourself. Actually, it was Jesus who said to His disciples, “I no longer call you servants, I call you friends”. But it is a friendship based on our obedience to Him. For He says “you are My friends if you do what I command you”, John 15:14-15.  Now is the time to enter into friendship with this great friend. Why? You may ask. Because He is the best Friend anyone could ever have and He is for the present and the eternal future. What a Friend we have in Jesus!!!

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