God’s Guarantee

The Gospel of Christ + Your Faith + God’s Power =Your Salvation

Thank you for visiting our site. Whether you stumbled upon our site or you were directed by someone  or you were searching for us, we are delighted that you have paid us a visit. We know that there are millions of other sites that you could have visited. It is our hope that you will see something that will interest you. Before you leave our site, I would like to ask you to read just a few more lines.

Have you given any thought to the meaning of the word salvation? It is not one of the words that is used frequently these days. But what is interesting is that this is what every person needs! And, it is available only through one Person. And even though it is available through only one Person, He has made it available to all persons. This is the best news ever. Actually, the message about this Person is called the Gospel, which means good news.

This salvation is the means by which the Lord God Almighty through His Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, offers pardon and deliverance from the penalty and dominion of a sinful lifestyle. This salvation, is free to all. It is by faith alone in Christ. It is being offered to you this moment. A few simple steps are all you need to take to experience it.

You came to this site not by accident. God knows that you are in need of his salvation and He has lovingly provided it and is graciously offering it to you. He knows you do not have the ability to gift yourself with salvation so He offers it to you freely.

Step 1. Admit your need to be forgiven for the wrongs you have done. Neither our past wrongs nor our present wrongs will go away by us wishing them to go. We are not able to deny the reality of guilt that comes as a result of our behaviors that are displeasing to God.  Even if the behavior is socially accepted but it is a violation of God’s law we are still guilty. Will you admit to yourself and to God right now your need to be forgiven?

Step 2. Believe that Christ Jesus took the punishment for your sins by dying on the cross. So He really died in your place. Yes, He was not guilty of any sin, but He took our punishment. Putting your faith or your complete trust in Christ alone as the One who is able to set you free from eternal punishment is what God requires of you. Are you willing to place your trust in Christ alone this moment as your only Savior?

Step 3. Your third step is to claim (confess Him) Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You can do this by praying a sincere and simple prayer. It can be as simple as these words: Father in heaven, today I admit that I am in need of your forgiveness for all the wrongs I have done and for all the things I should have done but have refused to do. I want to have peace in my life instead of fear. I believe that Christ Jesus took my place and my punishment by dying for my sins on the cross. I am willing to trust Him as my Savior and deliverer. I claim Him today as my Lord and I am turning away from whatever I know to be displeasing to you. Thank you for your free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, Amen.

Click here and email us your information and we will rush to you very important information regarding what has just happened to you if you took the steps and prayed that prayer, (or you prayed on your own), or you can call this number right now, 407-373-5102, and someone will speak with you.

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