Pastoral Message

Praying Hands

My Dear Metro West Family:

It goes without saying that these are challenging times. But in times like these we have a Savior who is our Help.

We are among the millions of people all over the world who are at risk as a result of the corona virus. However, we should not be afraid. Instead, let us adhere to the recommendations regarding social distancing and heightened hygiene. Your health and the wellbeing of your family are of utmost importance to us.

We will miss seeing each other, greeting each other, fellowshipping with each other and magnifying the Lord from the same space. This will be temporary. In the meantime, we are making it possible for you to be able to be receive the ministry of your church in the following ways.

  1. Live streamed service specifically designed for your viewing. Our live stream will be for about an hour and 15 minutes from 10:30 to 11:45.Ths can be accessed at  We will be thinking of other creative and effective ways to minister to our community as time goes by.
  2. The availability of an audio broadcast that you can receive by calling in at 10:30 to this number: 1-515-604-9300. PIN: 574522#
  3. You can utilize our online giving from our church’s secure website: You can also stop by the church office where you can utilize our secure point of sale (using your debit or credit cards) feature. You can also drop your checks off at the office. Thank you for being faithful in supporting the Lord’s cause.
  4. Our staff and volunteers will be in touch with you by phone to pray with you and to share words of encouragement as well as to listen to any concerns you may have.

We are in the midst of our end of year activities. Our annual church meeting was scheduled to take place on the 15th of this month. The pastor’s report was given and some of our members were able to vote for delegates to District assembly and for officers for the church board. Provision is made for those of you who have not yet voted to cast your vote by going to the church office between the hours of 10: a.m. and 3: p.m. We have until March 28th to get this done. Thank you for assisting us in this area.

We will continue to pray and seek the Lord for wisdom, guidance and strength as we go through these days. Let us rely on His promises and remain confident in His ability.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you think we can be of help to you and your family. We are here to serve you.

Healthy Pantry of the Year Award

Healthy Pantry of the Year Award

Congratulations to Metro West Church of the Nazarene-Herald of Hope for being named the 2019 Healthy Pantry of the Year at the Partner Agency Conference.

This partner agency goes above and beyond to run a large food pantry distribution utilizing only volunteer assistance.  This year they’ve continued to be an active member of the WO Healthy Pantry Network and have worked diligently to implement health focused practices into their entire distribution process. They also work with Cheyanna in supporting a school market in their area. They’re one of the leading pantries in Orange County for pounds distributed per year. 

This year they added a 20 foot storage container to their property and receive weekly deliveries of produce.  They serve as a large channel of not only food for their clients but other resources as well; they welcome community partners to their distributions to interact with their clients and distribute information, as well as host resource fairs for their community throughout the year. They work to strengthen their community by building relationships with their clients which then allows them to connect them with additional services their clients may need.  They participate in trainings and workshops hosted by the food bank and work creatively to implement what they learn into their regular pantry practices.  They’re a leader, a strong a community resource and an overall great partner to work with.

Thank you to Candace Campbell and her team for doing all that you do for those in need in your community.

His Purpose; Our Presence

His Purpose; Our Presence

God is a God of purpose. You can find this expressed numerous times in Scripture. From the creation account in Genesis to climaxing of human history in Revelation, the pages of Holy Scripture abound with references to the fact that God is a God of purpose. One of the amazing truths of this is that God has included mankind in his purpose. Paul speaks of those persons who are called according to God’s purpose, Romans 8:28. When a thing, a person, a plan, a project, an action, a word, church…to name a few, when these are God’s purpose, you can be sure that He will attend to that which is according to His purpose.

What started out as Pine Hills Church of the Nazarene, which then became New Life Church of the Nazarene and is now called Metro West Church of the Nazarene, from its inception, has been slated for God’s purpose. For sixty years, this movement has been engaged in its God-given purpose. Undaunted by the threatening, destructive and disruptive presence of all sorts of prevailing elements, the Lord of the church continues to lead His church in triumph. I am not sure to whom to credit this statement, but I have heard it said that “it is better to perish with a cause that will triumph than to triumph with a cause that will perish”. In the midst of various sort of the unpleasantness, the apostle Paul is confident that God is always leading his church in triumph through Christ, 2 Cor. 2:14.

The community of believers remain constantly confident in God’s ability to lead His church, to love His church and to lavish his church with his grace. God will never change His purpose for His church. While we may change our allegiance and loyalty from one denomination to the next and even question the church’s legitimacy, our discontent and disagreement will not affect God’s purpose. Knowing that the church is God’s purpose, there are those individuals who willingly and delightfully commit their all to Christ and His purpose. The church for them is not a gig. It is not a hangout spot. It is not even a place. It is a force, a movement, a mystical community built on the indestructible and unchangeable foundation of Jesus Christ as its firm foundation. The purpose of God is eternal. Therefore, the church has to be eternal. This should cause us to be extremely humble. God has made it possible for us, mortal and temporal beings to be a part of His eternal purpose. We must remember that His purpose was before our presence.

Our presence as God’s representatives and heralds of his love and grace must bear witness to this awesome God who deeply cares for the world. Our presence must be a redeeming one. It must be seen and felt. The Great Commission in its various forms in the Gospels suggests the necessity of our presence. This is the same way God executed redemption for us. There was Presence…the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The concept is further borne out in two of the Metaphors that Christ has used to describe his followers. We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We must be a presence that is carrying out God’s purpose. Much confusion seems to exist in this area. It shows up in discussions, deliberations, comments and behaviors. Though very well-intentioned, there are those whose mindset demonstrate utter ignorance as to the significance of the church’s presence. There are those who seek to become a part of it thinking that it is a social fraternity; others think it is a country club; still others think the church is a production house for the arts or the center for civic activity or an elitist privileged organization.

As a redemptive presence, we must proclaim the gospel of Christ. As a redemptive presence, we must adhere to the teachings of Christ; we must be a community that is being changed into his image and therefore be a reflection of who He is. These are not idealistic concepts. They are the very core of what it means to be Christian. Our presence must be the difference maker where there are injustices, abuses, poverty, and other social ills. Our presence must make the difference in bringing about healing in relationships at every level: between human and God and human and human. Our presence must serve as the demonstration of hope to the broken. It must be the signal to the lost that there is Someone who will not stop searching until He has found that which was lost. It is a sad commentary on the church if our presence is only for our own comfort and enjoyment. We must not be a catchment for persons who are searching for somewhere to go. We must be a rescue for sinners, pointing them to Christ.

Our presence must be the prophetic voice that confronts people of every stratum and rank; every color and creed, every language and tongue. The church today is not a new thing. If it is, it is not true. As has been said, if it is true it’s not new and if it is new it is not true. The church is the continuation of what began on the Day of Pentecost in Jerusalem about AD 33. What began there with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on some men and women who were waiting in obedience to the command of the Lord, a number of about 120 soon became 3000, then 5000 men then they eventually became to many to count. They were continuing in the apostles doctrine, prayer, breaking of bread and fellowship. A church informed, learning, leaning on the Lord, loving one another and caring for the newborn believers who were added to the church daily.

Today, I am humbled to be listed among the number of men and women who answered the call of Christ to shepherd His flock. I have vowed to be faithful. I have vowed to finish my course. I have vowed to feed his flock. Today, I offer you an opportunity to become a part of God’s flock. Come under His care and be a part of this indestructible force that is the anvil on which hammers are broken. Rise up young people, rise up children, rise up mothers and fathers and answer the call to salvation and service. The church of Jesus constantly remain.