Jesus Retains Those Who Remain, John 15:1-11

These questions are intended for your personal reflection and application of God’s word. Please donot limit your reflection to the questions. As the Spirit of God prompts you, record His […]

Children’s Weekly Resources

Older Elementary Activities to learn memory verse: Link to Older Leaders/Parent’s Guide: Additional Resources:   (1)      (2)  (3) Younger Elementary Activities to learn memory verse: Link to Younger Elementary Leaders/Parent’ Guide: […]

Pastoral Message

My Dear Metro West Family: It goes without saying that these are challenging times. But in times like these we have a Savior who is our Help. We are among […]

It’s 365 Days Not 1 Day

The second Sunday in May is observed as mothers’ day. What a wonderful time of the year to show appreciation to millions upon millions of women who have travelled the […]

Letter To Pastor

Florida District Pastors,The events of the past several days have highlighted once again our deep need for the message of reconciliation to be preached and for the embodiment of that […]