2022 NCM Christmas Project – Hope for Lebanon



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This year, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries’ Christmas Project will support compassionate care in Lebanon. 
This year, you can celebrate Christmas through a meaningful gift of hope and encouragement. 
In Lebanon, an increasingly critical economic crisis has made even simple things like groceries, baby products, medicine, and gas virtually unattainable. Three-quarters of the population has been plunged into poverty. Electricity is unreliable, and most people rely on just a few hours of power each day. 
In the midst of these challenges, the Church of the Nazarene is providing tangible support for people in need and creating spaces where children can know they are cared for and safe.

Laila*, a 7th-grade student, explains the situation: “There are a lot of bad things happening in this country,” she says. “But still, there is hope.”
For Laila, that hope is found in attending the Nazarene school. “It’s such a friendly environment,” she says. “For me it feels like home.”
Will you help Laila and her classmates stay connected to hope?
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At the school, children experience stability, spiritual care, and a well-rounded education. There are needs beyond education, too. Nazarene churches in Beirut regularly distribute food to their neighbors who can no longer afford it and provide psychological support for children and adults who are healing from trauma. Your gift to the Christmas Project will help fund these demonstrations of care and Christ’s love.
In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for stories from Lebanon on the NCM blog and social media accounts and ideas for raising funds alone or as part of a church or school group. You can share these stories and the project with your church, family, and friends. 
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This Christmas, remind people living in Lebanon that they are not forgotten. Support the NCM 2022 Christmas Project and send hope where it’s needed most. 

Grace and peace,

Nell Becker Sweeden
International Director
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
*Children’s names have been changed.